Scarves Knowledge
Hand Made CDC Silk Scarves
- Nov 24, 2017 -

There are plain, color lattice and printing and other varieties. In order to make the feel soft, the stripes clear, fastness and durability, woven square most of the use of plain, twill or satin weave. Silk Square, weft commonly used $number denier silkworm silk or chemical fiber silk, mainly white weaving, silk billet by scouring, dyeing or printing processing.In cold climates, people wear thick scarves of wool to keep them warm. In places where climate is dry, dusty, or where air pollution is severe, people can wrap a thin scarf around their heads to keep their hair clean.With the development of time, this habit has become the fashion of women in many cultures.In some countries, the preparation of clothing such as scarves is a common trade commodity.