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Scarf new method and mix
- Feb 22, 2018 -

Winter hurricane model scarves of the various Wai method and match

Vivid bright yellow square scarf, folded back to say that the 3 angle around the neck, very Western, seductive.

Rose long red silk scarf, tied it into a big bow shape, when the headband around the head is very sweet.

Ink painting parcels long scarf, after wearing a literary show was Fan children, large fashion show the flavor of young women, and this dress really lovable.

Large red spell color printing scarf, with a small fringe edge design, with a denim suit, a touch of blue in the bright red, very attractive.

Chiffon Scarf scarves VS  scarves with different

Small garden floral chiffon scarf, it is suitable for intellectual woman, dark blue as the lake, for you to remove the hustle and bustle, sit quietly sitting in the house to read a book, or go shopping, work is very literary Fan.

Yellow chiffon scarf looks particularly noble and gorgeous, joined the Qingming River map, the picture is full of oriental charm, with the spring and Autumn season it is very intellectual with elegant clothing.

Bright and colorful hues, unique style, it seems very patchwork feel chiffon scarf around the neck stand was elegant, and silky material, whether spring or autumn can be used to decorate it.

Fall and winter OL commuter wear scarves around the law changing scarves make you superior temperament

Pure and elegant white suit ladylike flavor rich, collarless design looks more elegant and simple, with high waist fashion pants are very fashion range children Feeling, neck touch of scarves SHOW Mild Migrants extraordinary taste.

Blue suit clean and tidy, staggered with two scarves worn on the neckline changed the suit a little stiff feeling.

Small suit and blue pants with a simple and neutral taste, hit the color to add a modern sense of the color with a suit and trousers color printed scarves as the ride, the perfect over the upper and lower body hit the color , Adding a bit more charming temperament.

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