Scarves Knowledge
Small scarves, the University asked, Xinuo silk with your long knowledge
- Feb 16, 2018 -

Elizabeth used to say: women who do not wear scarves are women who have no way out. So a thin piece of silk cloth, in the designer's hands after a variety of cutting, giving it a stylish element.

Mulberry silk scarves in all varieties of silk scarves is the most advanced and comfortable, silk scarves are made of 100% silk, silk weaving through different methods, many of Xinuo scarves have thousands of models Flowers.

A classic 2250px × 2250px, a 2750px × 2750px big towel, a long towel 4375px × 550px, a long towel 4375px × 1375px, a double-sided hand embroidery towel 4000px × 875px, different specifications of the fabric is also divided into Silk printing, silk digital printing, silk jacquard, silk hand-painted, double-sided silk printing, pure silk brushed, silk printing while a silk brushed side of silk solid color hand embroidery silk variety.

There are a variety of fabrics such as: silk crepe satin, silk georgette, silk chiffon, silk twill, silk satin and so on.

Silk scarves regardless of the season, the occasion, are definitely the crowning touch of the pen, we cherish a dedicated R & D design team, according to customer demand design scarves, of course, but also have a certain amount, or do a price too Big, for example, the brand LOGO Picassino clever integration in the scarf inside, simple and elegant, and are hand-seamed curling.

The company specializes in producing and selling all kinds of silk scarves, welcome to the needs of the Advisory Procurement.