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2018 Keqiao Textile Expo(Spring), Shaoxing, China
- Apr 03, 2018 -

2018 Keqiao Textile Expo(Spring) will hold in Shaoxing, China on 6th May, 2018- 8th May, 2018.

World Textiles looks at China and China Textile at Keqiao.

Keqiao, China, the starting point of the new Silk Road. This is the largest gathering place of textile companies in China, the most authoritative textile index release place in China, and the largest textile trading center in the world. Every year, US$10 billion worth of textiles are transported from here to various parts of the world, giving people a warm and decent life.

Keqiao Textile Expo, China's only professional exhibition of textile origin and textile distribution center, has established a perfect exhibition trading platform for textile companies and trading companies, for the mining industry and for professional visitors in the past 20 years.

■ Industry advantages:

Keqiao District of Shaoxing City is China's largest gathering place for textile enterprises, China's most authoritative textile index release place, and the world's largest textile trading center. Nearly ten thousand textile enterprises of various types, with an annual output of nearly 2.5 million tons of all kinds of chemical fiber, 6 billion meters of chemical fiber fabrics, 16 billion meters of printing and dyeing cloth, nearly 300 million garments (sets), and an annual value of 9 billion US dollars worth of textiles. It is transported to various parts of the world and brings people a warm and decent life.

Photos from EXPO last year

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