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Different Sizes And Types Of Scarf
- Mar 22, 2018 -

Mini scarf

45 cm × 45 cm for example, scarves of this size are called mini scarves. Mini represents petite, cute. Compared with directly tied to the neck,people more would like to fasten the bag or arm, or tie the hair as decoration.

Thin ribbons

Scarves made of thin ribbon are commonly referred to thin ribbons. No matter what color type, can be used as a simple match. Thin ribbon is suitable for both men and women as accessory. Most of the thin ribbons are 7 cm × 120 cm with a thin texture. Simple single knot, plain knot or bow is a good method to tie.

Large square corners

The general size of 90 cm × 90 cm, larger than this four square towel is also included. Using rectangular overlay or fan overlay method can be used with a variety of different styles. This scarf is based on the different with the most to bring changes in the image of the scarf.

Long scarves and super long scarves

Long right-angle scarves are called long scarves. Width of 35 ~ 55 cm, a length of 120 ~ 160 cm is more common. Long scarf is larger and longer than the square scarf, generally hanging in the neck and be naturally down. You can circle around the neck a few times and then hang down long,which is the latest trend.

Jewelry scarves

Jewelry matched with scarves has been shown in a variety of styles. This scarf just hangs on the neck and enhance the sense of gorgeous, also a good choice as a necklace or belt.

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