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How To Choose A Fashion Scarf
- May 10, 2018 -

Scarves, all kinds of styles, show their personal demeanor. In autumn and winter, early spring, smart scarves can not only prevent cold and keep warm, but also add much charm.

A variety of scarves provide a great choice for the fashion. The choice of the scarf is coordinated with the style, appearance, visual feeling and personal style to achieve the advantages and disadvantages and wear out the beautiful and out style.

A quiet and elegant person should choose a elegant scarf.

A lively person with a large flowered scarf is especially suitable.

White skin should be light blue, light red, apple green, lemon yellow and other shades.

Dark skinned people avoid using light colored scarves, dark colors, such as deep beige, deep iron gray and other shades.

The body is fat and the chest circumference is too large.

The body is small and the scarf's flower pattern and style are simple, simple and elegant.

People with wide shoulders choose a scarf with a straight pattern and a full pattern pattern, so that the shoulders can be narrowed, and quiet and elegant colors should be chosen, such as lake blue, cream yellow and light orange red. People who shoulder their shoulders should choose lengthened scarves to hang the ends of the scarves on their shoulders and hang them behind them, so that the shoulders can be symmetrical.

When wearing a red sweater, you can use a black and thin scarf to hold the red in order not to be too dazzling, but also to make the skin white and tender. Wearing a milky white sweater and a rosy scarf around it, the elegance of elegance rose from the plain. Silk scarf is light, thin and soft, with various methods. Even if you wear a plain dress, you can add beauty. If you wear a light blue suit and a silk scarf with a deep color, it can achieve a vibrant effect. If you wear a loose jacket and a pure white silk scarf, it will be lined with flowers.

The body is slender and flat, with a rich texture of slightly loosening texture. The scarf with large flower pattern can make the chest appear plump.

No matter what type of flowers you choose, what color, and what craft scarves, just wear your style and wear your beauty. It's a fashionable scarf.

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