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How To Choose A Suitable Color Silk Scarf For It?
- Feb 16, 2018 -

When you are interested in a particular scarf, the first thing to do is to put it close to the face and see if it matches the complexion. If you do not match your face, do not hesitate, give up immediately. It should be noted that some scarves color design, although impeccable, but with their favorite and suitable colors there are subtle differences. This situation should make a comparison of a variety of colors, and then look in the mirror from afar to confirm the overall shape and clothing with the atmosphere. Back effect and side effects can not be ignored. After that, the silk scarf will be put on a shape commonly used to try on, so that you can know the style and effect that this pattern shows.

No matter how good scarves, if not matched with the clothing, it will only occupy your closet space. To clarify their purpose is to match the office dress, or to show off at the dinner style. If you have enough choice, but also consider and lipstick colors, belts or handbags and other accessories.

When you wear your favorite silk scarf, be sure to be confident, completely without having to worry too much, just take some thought to match, even with a small mistake, others will think it is your embodiment of personality.

"Scarves" linger in the buckle

Costumes wear the shortest season, the effect of subtle, undoubtedly scarf buckle. The three words are rich in content, "scarves" lingering, "buckle" word pull a knot, there is a story. The days of the scarves are also early spring autumn cold warm occasion, not to mention not all women are using a scarf, not all scarves are used buckle, so it's where the micro micro. However, the benefits are here, fleeting to say good rest.

Scarf buckle can not be too bright, overwhelming, can not be too dark, could not hold back. The two of them should be slightest, complement each other. Sometimes, some small embellishment but rather unique.

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