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How To Distinguish Between True And False Scarves
- Feb 16, 2018 -

Silk scarves teach you how to identify authentic scarves.

First, judging from the price

Silk fabric is about the price of chemical fiber, artificial silk, silk more than doubled; the price of a silk scarf is at least the price of a hundred dollars, not a few dollars or tens of dollars.

Second, look at the luster of silk scarves

Silk has a light-absorbing properties, looks smooth and glossy mirror, soft and smooth elegant uniform, pearl light, bright but not glazed; and rayon bright luster but not soft.

Third, feel the touch of scarves

Silk fabric feel soft and elegant, dense silk, there will be wrinkles with your hand, the higher the purity, the greater the density of the silk feel better; and although the silk fabric after decadent treatment, the feel is also more soft and smooth, but not Tingkuai, dark silk surface, no pearl luster;

Fourth, through the crease to judge

Hand tight after the release of silk products, because of its good elasticity and no creases. Rayon fabrics have obvious creases after pinching, and creases are difficult to restore to their original state.

Fifth, fiber tension

In the edge of the fabric out of several fibers, with the tongue to wet it, if the wet off easily broken rayon; otherwise it is a silk fabric.

Sixth, friction sound

Silks appearance of sericin protection and wear-resistant friction, friction will be issued a kind of sound, so called "silk" or "silk Ming"; chemical fiber products without sound.

Seventh, water identification method

Silk water immediately soaked with water. Conditions permitting, take a corner of silk scarves, pour a little water on the scarves, scarves immediately soaked in water and attached to the skin is silk.

Eighth, burning method

Out of part of the yarn burning, silk can not see the open flame, the smell of burning hair, gray as black particles can be crushed by hand; simulation silk case of fire, plastic taste, the fire extinguished edge will leave hard The plastic block.

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