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How To Identity 100% Silk Scarf
- Mar 22, 2018 -

Nowadays some scarves imitate silk scarf on market, look like real silk scarf, so how to choose the true one? Every shop include online stores all declare they sell 100% silk scarf, but really made by pure silk? How to avoid to buy fake one? Here are some tips:


1. Appearance:

This is the common way to identity silk scarf and fake silk scarf, but not always true.

Light on silk scarf likes pearl, soft and shunning; their hand feeling really smoothly but easily wrinkled. When touch silk scarf, you can hear some special sound, called “silk voice”, but fake silk scarf doesn’t have.


Fake silk’s light much bright than silk, the hand feeling not smoothly at all.


2. Burning:


Silk’s burning smells like furry burning. The whole process very fast then leave some dark dust.


But fake silk has flame when burning and smell so pungent. After burning, you can find some stiff stuff.


3. 84 Disinfector:


Pure silk consist of protein, can be totally dissolved in 84 Disinfector.


4. Price:

   Fake silk scarf made by polyester, cost much lower, but pure silk much experience. When you find a “Silk” scarf’s price pretty cheap, then you get the reason now.


5. Brand:

   Famous scarf brands can’t lasting long time at this filed if sell fake scarves, if you really worry, then famous brands are nice choices.


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