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How To Tie A Blanket Scarf
- Mar 22, 2018 -

  A blanket scarf is an over size scarf that is in the shape of a square, commonly be used in winter. Here are 3 easy ways to tie a blanket scarf.


The loop

This is a fairly traditional method, and it works with a long oversized scarf or a square blanket scarf. Here’s how you do it.

1. Fold it in half, lengthwise. If it’s a square, it won’t matter, obviously.

2. Gather it together.

3. Place it around the back of your neck, leaving one side longer than the other.

4. Take the long side and wrap around the back of your neck and bring it back to the front.

5. Take that end and slip it through the loop.

6. Adjust to your liking.

The Poncho


 This is another fun way to wear an oversized scarf.

1. Hold the scarf out wide and scrunch the top just a bit, folding the fringe under.

2. Drape it over your shoulders.

3. Bring it around so the ends are in front.

4. Adjust to your liking. You can also belt it if you’d like.

The Kerchief

This is the most common way I see people styling the true blanket scarf. This definitely works best with a square, although it can be done with a rectangle, or so I hear.

1. Fold the scarf across to create a triangle.

2. Grab the two far ends of the triangle with each hand.

3. Cross the two ends behind your head.

4. Pull them around to the front.

5. Tuck the two ends under the rest of the scarf, or leave them dangling to each side. It’s up to you. Style as desired.

So there you go — 3 easy ways to style a blanket scarf, or oversized scarf if that’s what you have. Which is your favorite!?!

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