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Sourcing fashion white fabric for scarf printing
- Apr 09, 2018 -

find new fabric on market.jpg

Fabric update very fast, every two month, our factory need investigate on fabric market, it bring three good results:

1. Make sure we are much sensitive to material price changing.

       Scarves price based on material price, we are more familiar with material price, more helpful for us to work with clients. Recently silk price keep rising, our advance suggestion helped clients to make their own solutions on scarf market.


2. Provide various fabric


   Our fabric more multiple than others, if client ask if can do some scarves on special fabric, we always meet their requirements.


   What we have: silks, silk blend (silk-cotton, silk-modal, silk-linen, silk-wool, silk-cashmere in every percentage), polyester(conventional and unconventional), modal, modal blend(modal-cashmere, modal-wool in every percentage), wool, viscose and etc.


3. Know well to fabric


       Much more familiar to fabric, then we can judge which fabric good for printing and which has good quality, help our client to extend business and identity nice quality for scarves.




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