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Spring Festival Scarf Collocation
- Apr 11, 2018 -

1, the scarf is generally divided into several small square, long scarf, shawl. A small scarf is more used in the workplace, a loose knot in the neck, a knot to break the monotony of the professional suit, showing dignified elegance.

2, plain coloured scarves are the most widely used. They can be used at any age, hanging around the neck, or around a couple of circles. We should pay special attention to the color of scarves should have at least one color which is the same or similar with the color of clothes, so as to achieve the effect of harmony and unity.

3, the leopard pattern scarf is a major highlight of the whole, random hanging behind, do not be tight, let the scarf naturally droop, walk up the road is very dynamic, full of youthful vitality.

4, the large shawl will also be the popular spot this year. The scarves should be folded into triangles, draped on one shoulder, with casual clothes, which is very gypsy.

5, the small flowers on the scarf and the color of the undershirt are close, at the same time, the large white background also reduces the contrast, and the green cardigan to complement each other, it has a very spring breath.

6, for the professional MM, the first play in the plain clothes with a prominent pattern of broad tie will appear generous and handsome, and the second methods are more casual, avoiding the monotonous sense of the shirt + skirt, and the elegant feeling.

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