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The Method Of Female Silk Scarves
- Aug 18, 2018 -

1. Mature and elegant stripes.

Fold the long silk scarf into proper width, loosen and tighten the neck one by one, and tie the tail cross, adjust the tightness to achieve the natural effect. This is the best way to be concise and beautiful.

Suitable occasion: business type informal gathering

2, quiet and beautiful bow

Fold this season's popular small square towel diagonally into a triangle, expose the shoulder on both sides of the corner, and then tie a bow in front of the chest, unfold flower-shaped, knot slightly hidden. If you want to use a beautiful silk scarf button as an ornament, you should choose a long silk scarf, look like a dancing butterfly from afar, more skillfully complement the lower collar jacket.

Suitable occasions: appointment and informal Party

3, the passionate Baotou knot.

Fold the silk towel into a large triangle, wrap the head and forehead part, the two corners in the back of the neck cross knot, cross again after the tie, finishing the shape, let the hair with the ribbon hang down naturally.

Suitable occasions: holiday and holiday Party

4, charming and sultry.

Fold a magnificent square towel diagonally, placing it flat on the chest around the back, loosely tie a knot at the tail, and carefully arrange the desired shape. It should be noted that the silk towel should be flexible and suitable, to be able to insert a palm as the best state, color can not be too bright, fabric, texture to be soft, fluffy. This matches the pure color woolen sweater, the slim trousers, avoids the complex jewelry, immediately presents to the public elegant charming feminine breath.

Suitable occasions: formal dinner and large reception.

5, gently winding the shirt.

Apart from the silk scarves gently wound between the achievements of a soft and incomparable backless jacket, national style silk scarves are most suitable for DIY into a knee skirt, two silk scarves of the same color tied to the waist first left and then right, after the staggered point dyeing a dynamic and static effect is appropriate.

Suitable occasions: dinner and reception

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