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The Warming Of The Textile And Foreign Trade Market And The Protectionism Of Trade
- May 10, 2018 -

In April, China's textile and clothing exports increased by 15.55% over the same period last year. While exports are recovering steadily, China's textile and garment industries are also experiencing rising protectionist measures.

The data from the statistical center of the China Textile Industry Association showed that in 2009, various trade protection cases for Chinese textile and clothing exports reached a new high in the world. The number of filing cases is mainly in the major developed countries in Europe and America.

Experts believe that, although the number of cases has not significantly increased compared with last year's rough situation, in the current world economic situation full of uncertainty, in the new round of adjustment of the world industrial pattern, how the situation of trade protection will be developed is uncertain, and China's textile must not be taken lightly.

Trade protection makes China's textile and clothing export enterprises in the unfair market environment in the international competition, and the rapid development at the cost of resources and environment alone has no way out. China's textile industry must accelerate the upgrading of the industrial restructuring industry and enhance the core competitiveness of the industry, changing from the "manufacturing country" to the "great power", from the extensive economy to energy saving, low carbon and green environmental adjustment, to improve the ability to resist risk, and to break through the barriers to trade protection.

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