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What Is Imitated Silk
- Sep 14, 2018 -

The  artificial silk is a special process and special finishing of the  polyester fiber filament, which has the effects of silk-like appearance,  gloss and hand feeling.
The  silk is made of alkali fiber, which makes the fiber finer and softer,  and achieves the effect of silk. After finishing, the friction between  fiber and fiber can also make the sound of silky sound.
Silk identification
Use  the edge of the fire to burn the silk. If it is silk, you can't see the  open flame. There is the smell of burning hair. The silk turns into  black particles, which can be crushed by hand. When the silk is fired,  it will fire. After the fire is extinguished, the edge will stay. A hard rubber block.
In  addition, the simulated silk fabric is obviously reflective from the  outside, and the texture is relatively light and thin; the silk has the  function of absorbing light, it looks smooth but does not have a mirror  surface, the thread is denser, the higher the purity of the silk, the  greater the density, the feel is also The better.
Classification of simulated silk
Joey (75D)
Chiffon (30D, 50D, 75D, 100D, 150D, 18T, 22T, 24T, 26T, 32T)
Smooth (30D, 5D, 75D, 100D)
Satin (50D*50D, 50D*75D, 75D*100D, 75D*75D, 75D*150D), also divided into light, matt, elastic
Jiali yarn (30D, 50D, 75D), divided into light Jiali yarn, elastic Jiali yarn, composite silk Jiali yarn
Satin chiffon (30D, 50D, 75D) warp yarn, filament, composite yarn, elastic, polyester yarn
Olympus (75D, 150D)
Chaos (75D, 100D, 150D, 200D, 300D)
Gao Sibao (75D*150D) is divided into full bombs and half bombs
Huayao (75D*150D) split double spray, single spray
Hua Yao (50D*50D, 50D*75D, 75D*75D, 75D*100D, 100D*100D) is divided into light, matt, elastic, false 捻, etc.
Composite silk
Composite silk chiffon (15D+15D*15D+15D; 20D+26D*20D+26D;)
Washed cashmere (50D+50D*150D; 20D+26D*75D)
Composite silk satin chiffon (15D+15D*50D)
Composite silk yarn
Composite wire double layer
Zuo Ji Ma
Composite silk
False scorpion
False Satin (50D*75D)
False flower
Imitation silk
Polyester chiffon (50D*48S, 75D*48S, 50D*60S, 30D*80S)
Polyester satin chiffon (50D*48S, 50D*60S, 50D*80S, 30D*80S)
Full polyester yarn (48s*48s, 60s*60s, 80s*80s)