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Women Who Understand Silk Scarves Are Better!
- Feb 16, 2018 -

You need a scarf to embellish details in early spring


Scarf is a daily wear good partner, it not only has the effect of warmth, but also for ordinary clothing with luster, to achieve unexpected results!

Whether in office workplaces, leisure time or personal time, scarves can be used as a single embellishment, to play its magical effect!

(1) Department of the waist

Scarf is not just able to tie in the neck, tied to the waist as a belt do not have some unique temperament!

Please try this method with a similar color and fabric clothes - thin soft scarf can not afford a leather "torture" too!

Come, do not think it looks good too! You can also try it.


(2) tied to the ankle

Abandoned shoes bandage not creative? May wish to try the combination of scarves and shoes, made into a specific strap!

Not only firm the entire upper, but also highlight the fashion, the most important thing is unique scarves straps, creating a trend of people!


(3) Department of the wrist

Scarf on the neck beautiful and warm, the Department of the wrist is also a good choice! Not only to modify the lines of the entire wrist, bring out the slender arm of the entire arm and delicate, but also with the clothes, practical and handsome!


(4) is on the hair

How to make romantic hairstyle do not ask for help? A scarf can help you become a millionaire!


(5) Department of the bag

Handle bow method

 This method because the bow tie in the bag, back up closer to the body, it is not suitable for the cumbersome and complicated! A simple bow on the OK!


Handle winding method

Put a sturdy knot on either end of the handle of the bag first, and use the scarf to go up the handle along the handle until it is full of the handle, leaving about 5 cm to finish the knot. Oh!


Free hanging knot method

This is the most simple, wild Department of law, but also the requirements of the bag is not high! Only need to have a handle / shoulder strap on it, directly to the scarf winding handle two or three laps, free to make a cross knot, let it free hanging down!


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