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Digial Printing: how is custom scarf printed ?

1) Fabric Checking 

Before Printing ,our QC team checks fabric to make sure no spot,no defects.

silk scarf factory.jpg

2) Fabrics Sizing

Sizing a kind of glue on the surface of fabric to help the inks stick on the fabric and penetrate on back side. 

print silk scarf.jpg

3) Digital Printing

HOMER-K6,K8 printing machines,well present 600x1800 dpi image on silk scarf, print 150-180 square meters per hour,with our special sizing agent,the penetration can be good,back side color can reach 60%-80% of the front side color,for the polyester, viscose fabrics,we use HOMER HM3200R,can reach 600x1800dpi too with environmental and harmless ink certificated by KYOCERA and INTERTEK.

silk scarf factory.jpgsilk scarf factory1.jpg

4) Steaming Machine 

After printing finished,fabrics need to be steamed in high-temperature (about 200 ℃)to fasten color , penetration on back side and evaporate the inks to make the color more bright .

5) Washing Machine 

Washing away the extra inks and make the silk fabric feel soft and smooth.

Screen printing: what are the steps of custom screen printed scarves?

1) Prepare Silk Screens

Before printing occurs, the frame and screen must undergo the pre-press process, in which an emulsion is 'scooped' across the mesh and the 'exposure unit' burns away the unnecessary emulsion leaving behind a clean area in the mesh with the identical shape as the desired image.

2) Print Scarves on Platform

Each print platform about 50meters, can print plus size silk,wool ,linen ,modal ,viscose scarves.Two worker one team press scraper blade stably to print on scarves.

3) Drying Scarves After Steaming and Washing Finishedscreen print scarf.png

 4) Hemming after scarves printing finished, include machine hemming, hand rolled,fringe,tassel,double layer...

Scarves Hemming Factory

After printing ,we will cut the fabric to the sizes you want ,then sewn the hem , iron ,sewn labels or hang tags

then put in the polybag .

Any questions or suggestions will be appreciated, feel free to contact us :  sales@scarf-tie.com