Neck Scarves For Women

Neck Scarves For Women

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                                                   Neck Scarves for Women                                         
neck scarf
long scarf
Machine Hem
 digital printed 

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Product Related Information

Scarves and Skin Color

1. People with yellow skin should wear pale yellow, pink, medium gray, light gray blue and other pastel scarves. Dark red, deep purple, yellow, dark green and other colors should not be chosen.

2. If the skin color is darker, it is not appropriate to choose dark red, dark purple, dark gray, black and other dark colors of the scarf, and choose light gray, lake blue, rose red and other colors as the best;

3.The skin is white, the range that chooses colour is wider, brunet such as dark gray, big red can make skin color appears more white and clean, the light color such as weak yellow, pink can make you gentle.

4.The person with darker skin should not choose the scarf of light color tone, neutral color slants dark to be good, and the person with whiter skin should choose the scarf of softer tone.

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