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Printing Method

Get multi-color prints at an affordable cost. 

     Digital Print  Hand screen print  Machine screen print

·Using printer technology,with professional textile 

dyes,print patterns 

directly ontu the fabric.

·Using the principle of silk screen printing, first 

designing, filming, 

printing, and then using a screen plate to squeegee

the fabric onto the fabric.

·The principle is similar to manual screen printing. 

The machine replaces 

manual scratching.


1/ Can print complex and varied designs, such as 

the gradient of water color;

2/ The cost of sample 

making is low;

3/ Low MOQ;

4/ Fast production cycle.

1/ Good color saturation, high accuracy, strong three-dimensional;

2/ The penetration effect 

is good, front and back; 

colors can be consistent;

3/ Unit price for mass 

order is low.

1/ Lower cost;

2/ Short production cycle;

3/ Even colors;

4/ Better penetration than hand screen print.     



1/ Color saturation and 

accuracy are not so good;

2/ The penetration effect is not so good;

3/ Unit price may be a little higher.

1/ Can't print complex 

designs,painting e.x.

2/ Cost of sample making is high,at about $40/color;

3/ MOQ:200pcs;

4/ Long production cycle.

1/ It is best to print a 

simple pattern with no 

more than 3 colors;

2/ Plate making costs are relatively high;

3/ Printing can not be 

very fine.


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Silk Scarves

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