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Control the quality from raw fabric ,printing quality,hemming quality and final checking

1. Fabric Quality:only choose the 5A grade silk fabric,it is only second to 6A grade,only allows less than 2 small defects ,inferior quality silk fabric can easily cause problems like defective spots,unapparent lines,color trapping and snagging.

2. Printing Quality:the reactive dyeing stuff we choose is environmental and definitely harmless to the human body,the color fastness can reach level 5 according SGS test,which means the scarf will keep the same color after many times washing,the digital printing machines we use are HOMER 1800-K8,it can present 600x1800dpi image on silk fabric,with our own sizing agent,the back side color of scarf can reach 60-80% of front side,also our skillful printers can well match the printing effect with the original designs.

3. Hemming Quality: for the edge of scarf, we can provide hand rolled, Hermes hand rolled, machine baby hemming,machine zig-zag hemming,fringe,tassels,seamless double layer, finished by our skillful workers,take example of hand rolled,it is straight and plump with mitered corners which makes the scarf luxury and delicate.

4. Final Checking: before packing all the scarves, our quality team will check each scarf to confirm if any defects on scarf,if hand feeling and color is close to the confirmed samples,make sure you will get the perfect scarves,any big problem,we will inform you before shipping