Designer Silk Head Scarves

Designer Silk Head Scarves

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                                Designer Silk Head Scarves                                 
silk twill
head scarves
square scarf
Hand rolled
 digital printed 

Product Related Information

The Arab headscarf, formerly known as the black headband, is the common dress of Arab men. They used to live a nomadic life in the desert and grassland for a long time, and they could not live without camels in their grazing. When they were tired from grazing, they had to lie down whenever and wherever they wanted to rest.In order to prevent the camel from being lost, they carried a snared rope to tie the rope around the camel's feet, so that they felt free from worry.When they were on the road, they tied ropes to their heads or put them on their shoulders and carried them wherever they went. Over time, they formed a habit.

Year after year, although the Arab people's life style has changed, from nomadic to settled, this black headband, which is closely related to their lives, has not been thrown away. It has gradually evolved into the colorful headscarf and become a decoration on the male head.

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