Monogram Georgette Silk Scarf

Monogram Georgette Silk Scarf

Client: scarves for Sweden fashion magazine Price: US$ 13.8-14.2 MOQ: 20 pcs/design Size: 110*110cm Fabric: m/m 100% silk Georgette Fabric feature: Crispy hand feeling and thin Printing: digital print Hemming: machine hem Brief Information for Customized Scarves Silk Georgette is a kind of silk...

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Product Details

Client:scarves for Sweden fashion magazine

Price:US$ 13.8-14.2

MOQ: 20 pcs/design


Fabric:m/m 100% silk Georgette

Fabric feature: Crispy hand feeling and thin

Printing:digital print

Hemming:machine hem

Brief Information for Customized Scarves                                   

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Silk Georgette is a kind of silk product, 100% mulberry silk. Silk Georgette is characterized by soft, light.

Georgette's main thickness are 8m, 10m, 12m, and then there is a thick heavy silk georgette 22m, no other thickness between them. There are 90cm widths, 114cm widths and 140cm widths. Georgette’s main purpose is to print a silk scarf, especially 8 mm silk georgette, very suitable for making silk scarves,thin and elegant. Of course, georgette can also be used to make clothing, but generally use double, if necessary, add a lining, because it is too thin. Of course, you can also use George to do some long skirts. In addition, heavy Joe can be used to make pants.


Although silk georgette is not easily to deform, scarves created from silk georgette require a little extra care. This is why we recommend following two washing instructions; Hand washing in cold water using a mild detergent, or head to your local dry cleaner and leaves it in their expert hands. If you decide to do it yourself, it’s very important that don’t stretch silk georgette scarf while washing and air dry it away from direct sunlight.At any rate you should keep silk georgette scarves away from direct sunlight, as silk georgette is mainly made from protein which can be damaged or bright color can faded 

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