Pure Silk Scarf

Pure Silk Scarf

Client:scarves for museum USA Price:US$ 12.5-12.85 MOQ:20 pcs/design Size:90*90cm Fabric: 12 m/m 100% silk satin Fabric feature: shinny and smooth Printing: digital print Hemming: machine hem Brief Information for Customized Scarves It seems that more and more silk products appear on the...

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Product Details

Client:scarves for museum USA

Price:US$ 12.5-12.85

MOQ:20 pcs/design


Fabric:12 m/m 100% silk satin 

Fabric feature: shinny and smooth

Printing:digital print

Hemming:machine hem

Brief Information for Customized Scarves                                  

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It seems that more and more silk products appear on the market.When customers want to buy 100 percent natural silk homes, they have a lot of skepticism about its purity.Therefore, there are many ways to tell, and they can be used together to determine whether a fabric is a genuine silk or a man-made fabric that looks like silk.


This is the easiest way to discern pure silk.Real quality silk is always relatively expensive.Although synthetic fibers can be deliberately priced high, low prices usually indicate that fabrics are not really silk.Real silk is usually at least cost 10 times than synthetic fibre.


Silk is different from other fabrics.It's sparkling.The silk's shiny appearance is due to the triangular prism of silk fiber, which allows the silk to reflect the incident light in different angles, resulting in different colors.This "shooting" effect provides a "glowing" surface that changes color as the light changes.Synthetic fibers are white regardless of the Angle of light.


Silk can be knitted by hand or woven by machine.Woven silk has its own unique characteristics.Each one is unique.Look for roving, and slight, very small changes in the uniform fabric.These are natural and desirable.Woven silk will have a perfect weaving, flawless and very small quality.

Synthetic fabrics often seem to be perfect, although few man-made fibers look realistic, including roving and slight blemishes.


Real silk and floral prints (unlike weaving patterns) will see patterns on one side and patterns on the back.Silk woven with woven patterns will see patterns on both sides, but the back will look a little blurry.

Synthetic fibers with printed patterns can see patterns on one side and solid colors on the back.

Hand touch

Smooth!Touch it with your hands and feel smooth.The soft and soft feeling is unique to silk products.When pressed on the surface of the product, it creates a sense of pull.If the product doesn't feel that way, it shouldn't be a real silk.


The friction of silk products will create a crisp sound, often referred to as "wire-ming".If there is no "wire-ming", it is not silk.

Combustion test

Burn test

this is not a standard test on silk!However, this is a fairly certain test.

A string of threads was extracted from the cloth and lit with matches.A beam of filaments slowly burned a faint light.First, it curls up into a ball with a similar smell of burning hair or bird hair.Then, after burning into the dark brown ball, once you touch the ball, it will be broken down into powder.Finally, when it leaves the flame, it stops burning immediately.The burning silk smelled like burnt hair.(these two substances are mainly composed of fibrin protein fiber proteins, in the case of hair, silk and keratin.)

A synthetic fiber will burn like a burning plastic, then drop down to form a black residue (not volcanic ash) that produces black smoke.Even after the flame has been taken away, it will continue to burn.

Please pay attention!The reaction to the filament test is very similar to that of the yarn test.Make sure there's a bucket of water close by.Some fabrics that look like silk are actually very flammable and need to be cleaned immediately.

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