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1.Copyright Protection: we do respect the copyright and realize how important it is, promise never to use designs for other purpose, also if clients have confidential agreement,we are glad to sign and stamp on it.after printing finished,all designs can be deleted.


2.Competitive Price: except the fabric, we do all the production in our own factory,it is easier to control the cost, if any interest, send us your requirement, get a quote to compare with other vendors.

3.Free Samples: provide all kinds of fabric scarf samples we made for reference or print one sample with your own design without charge only needs shipping cost,you can better understand our quality without any loss.

4.Better Quality: benefit from our advanced machines,skillful and responsible printers, and our excellent quality control teams,you can have confidence in our quality.

5.Deliver in Time: digital printed samples can be finished within 7 working days,screen printed samples need 10-15 working days, mass production needs about 20-30 days according to the quantity and requirement.Also we can rush the production if in urgently needs.

6.100% Guarantee:Our quailty checking team checks each scarf one by one before     shipping, but if you still find any defective one or quality is not close to the samples we provide refund or reproduce service,make sure you have no loss working with us.

7. No Minimum: for each design, we don’t set minimum quantity,to save cost and help clients source the market first.


1.Fabric Quality:only choose the 5A grade silk fabric,inferior quality silk fabric can easily cause problems like defective spots,unapparent lines,color trapping or snagging.

2.Printing Quality: environmental and definitely harmless reactive dyeing stuff ,color fastness can reach level 4.5-5 according SGS test,HOMER 1800-K8 presents 600x1800dpi image on silk fabric,back side color can reach 60-80% of front side.

3.Hemming Quality:provide straight and plump hand rolled, Hermes hand rolled, machine baby hemming,machine zig-zag hemming,fringe,tassels,seamless double layer.

4.Final Checking: quality team checks each scarf to confirm no defects on scarf,make sure hand feeling and color is close to the confirmed samples.


1)100% Mulberry Silk Scarves 

silk twill,silk satin,silk chiffon,silk crepe de chine, silk georgette,silk habotai,silk organza and silk paj scarves from 6m/m to 18m/m in different thickness and weight.

2)Polyester Scarves

Polyester twill ,polyester satin ,polyester chiffon, polyester voile,polyester crepe de chine ,polyester paj,poly cotton scarves.

3)Cotton Scarves and Cotton Blends 

100% cotton in different weight, silk cotton, cotton linen scarves

4) Modal and Modal Blends Scarves

100% modal, silk modal, modal wool ,modal cashmere ,modal linen scarves

5)Wool scarves and Wool Blends Scarves

100% wool 60S,70S,80S,100S ,200S and Silk wool, silk cashmere scarves

6)Viscose scarves Viscose blends

100% viscose, modal viscose, viscose linen ,modal viscose linen scarves. 


Digital Printing Equipment 

The major printing machines we use for natural fabrics are HOMER HM1800-K8,this printing machine can well present 600x1800 dpi image on silk scarf, print 150-180 square meters per hour,with our special sizing agent,the penetration can be good,back side color can reach 60%-80% of the front side color,for the polyester, viscose fabrics,we use HOMER HM3200R,can reach 600x1800dpi too with environmental and harmless ink certificated by KYOCERA and INTERTEK.

Screen Printing Equipment

There are more than 20 printing platforms,50 skillful printers, can print 5000 meters each day with more than 98% qualification rate and shorter production time.


Works for many luxury brands: SK-II, AVON,L'Oreal, Xerjoff, Coca Cola, Jewelry & Watch , Corum...airline companies: Air-France, Rwanda Airlines...car brands: Toyota,Maserati,Audi,Buick... education group: Swiss Education Group, UPSA, Stanford... promotion companies: ANAIK ,PROMECO, AXIS Promotion,Logo Prom ,Promidea... and other brands specialized in designer scarves.

Service some of the clients over 5 years, who are the our most precious friends and partner.