Wool Scarves For Women

Wool Scarves For Women

Welcome to Sino Silk, the custom print scarf factory leader in China.Choose us you will get more choices and surprises.

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Product Details

                                                   Fashion Scarves for Women                                        
 100% wool
accessory scarves
long scarf
Machine Hem
 digital printed 

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Product Related Information

Our wool comes from Australia, which is recognized as high quality wool. There are many kinds of Australian wool, which are featured in weight, softness, strength, durability and durability.Wool tends to stain, so it has a bright colour.

How should wool scarf be cleaned?

Cashmere products are best used to wash the wool detergent products. Not only does it restore flexibility, but it also has a moth-proofing effect. When washing wool scarf, use special wool fabric detergent to clean it. After soaking it in warm water for several minutes in a certain proportion, rub it gently with your hands and rinse it clean.What should notice is when airing, must not unfold to hang air, otherwise easy deformation, hang with the net to dry.

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